The Adventures of KK and BFK...

First off, let me start by saying...BLACKNBLING needs its own reality tv show. Kyla and I can't go anywhere without having it turn into a bona fide adventure. Even when we try to do the simplest of things...some crazy shit always goes down.

Anyway, today started off hella regular...slept in, ran some errands, then went over to KK's to meet with Leo and plan for '08 [the year of excess]. It was a pretty good meeting, we came up with some dope ideas--so make sure to check the blog regularly cause first quarter of '08 is gonna be intense for the BNB team. I hit up Val the Vandle to see what was poppin for tonight, he told us the party was in Pasadena, so KK and I rolled out.

We made a quick pit stop at McDonald's to get some snacks and the total ended up being $6.66. WHAT THE FUCK. So of course, Kyla and I are like no way...We pull up to the window to tell the guy to charge us $6.67 cause we didn't want to pay the $6.66 and he looked like this:
just thinner. He kinda talked like Will Ferrell in A Night At The Roxbury. I wish I had video. Anyway, we explained to the dude that we wanted him to charge us $6.67 and he asked us why and I said "That's the Devil's number" and he laughed and said "I have that tattooed on my back." Creep. I doubt anyone other than his mother has seen his backside. Aaaaaaaand so after we left McDonald's we went to put air in my tires and I got my hands all greasy and gross, and these weird old men were staring at us [I thought they were gonna kidnap us, but it turned out they were waiting for us to move so they could put air in their tires.]

So, I get on the freeway and as I was about to merge onto the 210 from the 605...the fucking on-ramp was closed. WTF. How long are they gonna be doing this construction shit? It's so fucking inconvenient. Anyway, after exiting the freeway and finding our way onto the 210 I decided we should stop by Taraach's house cause it was on the way... and cause I've been having some Taraach withdrawals from not seeing him lately.

We roll through to Taraach's, try to go through the front gate [which is locked], then end up walking all the way around his complex to get in through the back. Kyla and I aren't the type to show up uninvited or unannounced, but this was an emergency situation. After making sure he was home we knocked, came in, listened to some beats, hung out, then left to go to Val's event a few blocks down.

The first word that comes to mind is ASIAN. They were everywhere. Most of the girls were kinda jiggy but in a 2fast2furious kind of way...and there was a lot of random old school hip hop being played. Overall it was fun. Thanks to Val and Weyez. Weyez had some interesting stories to tell us, too.

"So I went to the bathroom cause I've been having to take a shit for the past like 3 hours, right...and the toilet was disgusting so that was that...and as I'm walking out this chick is walking in and I'm looking at her like 'you know there's another restroom over there...' and she looks at me and says 'it's cool, I'm a dude' and I'm drunk enough to believe her...So yeah, I didn't take a shit. It's still pending."

I almost shit my pants laughing at that. So Kyla and I decide that we're kinda hungry, so we go back to Taraach's to see if he's still home, or if he went to the spot to meet up with us. Of course, he was gone [which we later came to find was because he was at the bar]...so I texted Val lettin him know that we dipped out for some food and we'd be back. Val wants to come along, so we roll back through and get him then decide on WOKANO for a late night dinner.

Wokano, as always, was the happening spot at 1 am. Tyrese was there. We ordered a small feast, got Val some training wheels for his chopsticks and had good conversation over good food. Then Weyez and some of the homies that were at the bar came to wokano to see what was up for after-hours and left. Weyez kinda kicked it for a second, then we left. That was the end of that, and all in all it was a dope night. There are funnier things that went down, but I'm just too tired to think of them.

OFFICIALLY: on behalf of BLACKNBLING, we'd like to welcome VAL THE VANDLE to our family. YEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


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