2007 was a prosperous year for blacknbling. We came, we saw, and we are beginning to conquer. We met some amazing people, affirmed some blessed and beautiful friendships, and made our mark on our city, Los Angeles.

People that were/are in our lives showed their true colors in 07, and that made this a blessed year.

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The BLACKNBLING team has grown pretty strong too. Our crew, known in LA as the Animal Kingdom, has supported the BNB photo movement to the fullest, and for that we are truly greatful. Weve had some great times this year; lots of laughs and kisses, lots of sangria, lots of Dilla and lots of love.

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The drama was minimal in 07 and we somehow all magically came out alive. We partied hard and mad a lot of moves this year. As a photographer, I really got to shine and to grab precious moments with every click of my camera. I got to document our history. I immortalized our culture. I shared my point of view...and all of you got to be a part of it. From the beauties to the popular kids to nobodies to hip hop [bout-to-be] celebrities, I got to bask in it all. And all of you got to share it with me.

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BLACKNBLING covered a lot of territory this year. And theres sooo much more to come. 2008 is going to be huge. We're gearing up for a tour, a book, more art shows, and we'll be at a party near you as often as we possibly can.

The blessings have been raining down on us, and in 08 we expect it to pour. Without our fam and our fan base we would be nothing.
tRIPBOOGIE, The Lovelution Prosper, the Do Over, Nightlife, Rehab, Elevation and the A-Side Worldwide crew, IPath, Stones Throw...yall MADE ME. I love yall so much.


I mean damn yall, we even did an art show in 07. I went from "the chick with the camera" to doing my own solo show. And it was dope. Reeeal dope. Mira (look)"


I even got my own TSHIRTS! insanity! I love it.

I am just so blessed, yall have no idea. And there is so much more to come...
My people held me down. My team kept my in check. My friends made me swallow my fear. and here I am. Entering the new year with an open mind and a willing spirit, sharing my perspective and tryina get my piece of the pie.


2007 has really allowed me to fall in love with LA. Ive gotten to know my home in such new ways, that I value it more than I ever did. It has been my goal to allow the world to fall in love with this crazy, grimey, beautiful, superficial, organic, multifaceted place I call home, and I am really really feeling the love.


So everyone, as they say, lets live long and prosper. BLACKNBLING declares 1008 THE YEAR OF EXCESS. So live large, get paper, stay humble and be constantly on the grind. See you at the top!!

With ALL my love,

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