12/15 BNB Itinerary

Okay loves, so heres the plan:
at around 3:00pm
we'll meet up at The Adidas Originals store on Melrose (8009 Melrose Ave, Hollywood) to chill out while
House Shoes is spinning.

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
Date: Dec 14, 2007 1:03 PM


come and hear the truth.

no lies.

i got food for your ears.

come get full.

and after adidas, walk a few blocks down the street and fuck with
DJ PREMIER @ fat beats from 6-8pm.


-the shoes



at 6:00 pm
we'll head over to Fat Beats (Melrose and Curson St) for the DJ PREMIER in-store

(in-store is from 6pm-8pm)

From there
at 8:00pm
I gotta dip out to Tantra to set up my art for the Lioness Warriors Party!

Yall can Stay at Fat Beats for the panel discussion, or maybe go get some ASTRO BURGER unless you wanna roll with me. Either way, come to Tantra around 930 for Lioness LA and to see photography by me, kyLA.

you're smart, youll stop by here at some point to hear the dopest band in LA. Either Before Tantra or before Crash Mansion...make it happen.

we chill at Tantra for a bit, we're gonna dip over to Crash Mansion for the main event with DJ Premier. Id say lets all try to arrive by 11:00pm to guarantee entry and not have to wait in line. Remember, presale tickets are available to Fat Beats for $10 bucks or you can RSVP at going.com for reduced entry at the door.

So then
after Crash Mansion everybody's on their own. Nightcaps, bootycalls, after parties, breakfast at Canters are all viable options. Semi-drunk driving is also an option, but please be safe.

So babies, looks like we've got a funfilled day with BLACKNBLING planned.

Feel free to wear your kyLA t-shirt. Dont have one, you say? Well lemme know and Ill bring a few for whoever wants to cop. 10bucks, boo!

Alright yall, so get ready for a long one. Look fly, act a fool, and have the time of your life!! See you in Hollywood.

PS be CAMERA READY babies cuz Ima have the cam-bam with me all day and all night!


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  1. that cracked me the fuck up.

    us two out n about once again.
    yay for tee-are-oh-you-bee-ell-eeh.


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